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Canelo Vs Plant Report: Alvarez becomes the first undisputed 168-pound champion after finishing Caleb Plant in the 11th round

Andel Thomas

After 11 months Canelo Alvarez was finally able to become the champion. Canelo became the first undisputed super middleweight champion after bettering Caleb Plant in the 11th Round. He was able to apply additional pressure for Plant who was fighting in front of a crowd in favour of Canelo. The fight took place at the MGM Grand Garden arena. There were `16,586’ (Sporting News, 2021) spectators in attendance.
Despite Plant’s efforts he lacked power. Overall, this gave Alvarez the upper hand. Plants points mainly came from jabs and his fast movement. However, against a determined and confident Alvarez he was punished.
After each of the rounds, Alvarez closed in on Canelo, gradually throwing more powerful hooks at Plant. Plant showed his ability to react well despite the fight becoming increasingly challenging. In round 11 Canelo hit the jackpot with an uppercut which dazed the IBF champion. Wrapping up the fight with a knockout win.
Round 1 saw the two fighters meeting in the middle. Plant struck first opening with Jabs. Canelo was very composed seeking opportunity to strike. Eventually, Canelo began closing in on Plant, landing a firm right hand. Within minutes, he began backing Plant against the ropes firing a series of punches. Plant, however, was able to recover. He landed an accurate jab on Canelo who was still leeching for an opening.
Plant started round two in similar fashion. Throwing more Jabs at Canelo who responded quickly with a solid uppercut. Plant reacted in time with an uppercut. Canelo pursued to close in on Plant only to meet the force of a left hook. This swift move did not stop Canelo. Plant delivered successful Jabs during round 2. Canelo on the other hand was progressing tactically, testing the body of Plant and limiting his space to manoeuvre. Plant just needed to exert more dominance; a problem noticeably shadowed by Canelo’s pressure.
Round 3 saw a very determined approach from Plant. Instantly landing a jab and hook in the first few seconds. Canelo took the hits well and carried on unfazed by the occurrence. Plant threw yet another uppercut at Canelo who fired body shots at plant. Tensions rose, as Plant threw a stiff Jab which was countered with a left hook by Canelo. Plant stepped out of the danger quickly. His movement was very good, but he was unable to dodge the two left hooks from Canelo that followed. As the round went there was obvious improvement from Plant. He bombarded Canelo jabs. Just before the bell, Canelo neatly lands a left hook-on plants body. An encapsulating end to the round.
Plants footwork and movement remained consistent in round 4. However, he was caught out by a clever combination. Canelo began blasting body shots at Plant, who struggled to overcome the beating. Plant’s sheer ascertainment was not enough. He continued to throw what he could at Canelo who caused further damage with a lethal hook. Canelo’s power was becoming more visible during this round.
In round 5 Plant used a hit and hope approach. Canelo remained relaxed and confident. He succeeds with a damaging uppercut and two more hooks. Plant also received body shots and another blow to the head. Canelo was on the prowl. An intriguing round with more activity from Plant. Canelo secured hard hits for the course of the round.
As round 6 commenced. Canelo showed less remorse instantaneously backing Plant onto the ropes. With Plant against the ropes, he landed both left and right hooks. He continued with an additional combination of 3 punches. Plant was wounded but the brutality did not stop. Canelo rocketed a left hook stunning Plant. Canelo had finally found his rhythm. Plant's ability to bear the powerful punches reduced significantly during round 6.
Canelos's mission was not yet complete. He went straight into round 7 with a left-handed strike seconds in. Plant was tiring. He attempted fighting off Canelo but was hammered with an uppercut. Plant found a way out with a fractional jab which distracted Canelo. After this, Canelo awaited Plants next attack. The crowd had become irritable after the lack of punching. Canelo stepped forward ending the wait. Another blistering combination caught Plant as the round ended.
The pressure was endless for Plant. During round 8 Canelo continued launching combinations. Plant took more punches as he sprawled onto the ropes. Taking hits to the head and body. He made it to round 8 by fighting to stay on his feet. The round concluded in favour of Canelo.
In round 9 Plant showed more vitality. He threw sharp combinations, but Canelo closed in and bludgeoned shots. Another solid left hook from Canelo placed his opponent against the ropes. With Plants back on the ropes landed two punches. Ruthlessness was shown in Canelo’s reaction with routine hooks. Plant took a left hand from Canelo. However, despite this he produced a well-coordinated combination followed by a left upper. The round ended.
At the start of round 10 hooks were exchanged. Plant increasingly throws punches with a clean three-punch combination. Weaving in around Canelo. Plant was refusing to back down. Canelo struck with a left hand, lifting the head of Plant in the process. Plant backfired with a smooth and creative combination to end the round
Round 11 concluded the fight. Canelo was digging into the body of Plant. A marginal jab was executed by Plant. Canelo responded ferociously with a left hook and a pounding right hand. Plant is down. Canelo dominates with a slick combination. Plant was knocked out, and the fight was finally over.

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