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Donovan Mitchell deserves more respect

By Matthew Skilton

Hype surrounds young superstars such as Ben Simmons, Jayson Tatum, and Jaylen Brown, but why doesn’t Donovan Mitchell receive the same respect as they do?

The Utah Jazz guard has been ridiculous over the last 12 games, scoring almost a point a minute (30.1 points off 32 minutes a game). Not to mention he’s hit the illustrious 50-40-90 club along the stretch as well.

Throughout this season the 24-year-old has averaged 26.3 points, 5.3 assists and has been electric from the field with 40% shot percentages from deep as well as from the field. He also has a PER of 21.5, that’s higher than both Simmons (17) and Tatum (20).

If listing stats wasn’t good enough, let’s rewind time back to the 2010-11 season. That season saw Derrick Rose become the youngest MVP. That season he averaged 25 points, 7.7 assists while shooting 40% from the field. Both Rose and Mitchell this season led their teams to the best record in the entire league as well. It’s difficult to say why Mitchell doesn’t get the attention and respect he deserves especially when he’s comparable to an MVP season of the past.

After losing Gordan Hayward 2017, the Jazz looked destined for a rebuild but Donovan Mitchell filled that void when he was drafted the same year, led them back to the playoffs and became a Rookie of the Year nominee.

The only reason Mitchell wouldn’t be recognised is because of the ridiculous stat lines we see nowadays from the league’s superstars such as Kevin Durant and Lebron James. Although he’s not getting the attention he deserves now, his career is still young, and he will surely develop into a superstar within the coming years.


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