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So, you want to start following F1? Here is where I recommend you to start.

By George Ferreira

In 2020 during the pandemic all sports was cancelled till further notice and Formula 1 was one of the first sports to come back. It was amazing to see so many people on social media tuning into F1 and stating how much they enjoyed it. A year on and many of these people still watch F1 and have realised it is nowhere near as boring as first expected. This article will be providing recommendations for pieces of media that I believe is great for new F1 fans and people looking to start following the sport.


1. F1 2021 the video game

I start by recommending a video game because it was last year’s version that I saw a lot of people say they tried and made them follow F1. The latest game by developers codemasters is the most accessible title to date with controller settings for all levels of experience in racing games. The game is great with a story mode that showcases the highs and lows experienced by drivers in a season. My team mode allows players to create their own F1 team and manage all aspects of running a club, from upgrading departments to upgrading your car it is a mode that is fun but requires you to be sensible with money whilst making a car that can compete for a championship. A favourite of newcomers and veterans of the game is the online races which sees you go up against fellow racers around the world. You can play unranked to make it easier for you and when your ready for a challenge you can play ranked to face the best of the best, the most fun you can have is setting up your own race and facing off against friends which can be done with ease. Overall, the F1 games are a great way to get into F1, it gives you a knowledge of cars, tracks and drivers whilst also providing a fun experience regardless of what mode you choose to play.

Cheltenham Image 1.jpg

2. Drive to survive (Netflix)

Regardless of what sport you follow all sports fans can agree that they like to know what goes on behind the scenes and Drive to survive offers that. With three seasons to watch with a fourth one incoming, Netflix filmed everything for the last four seasons and showed us. From every argument to every tear nothing is off limits and that’s why it is a great watch for F1 and non F1 fans alike. I recommend this series as it gives a better understanding of the life of a F1 team and is not afraid to show the bad as well as the good. I also recommend this to people who enjoyed shows like Sunderland till I die and all or nothing Tottenham as it made in a similar style and just as enjoyable.

3. Schumacher (2021) & Senna (2010)

I put these two together as they are both documentaries. Like in every sport the conversation of who is the GOAT is a topic that will forever be argued. Both Michael Schumacher and Ayrton Senna are two drivers who are always in the conversation of the GOAT of F1, and these two documentaries showcase why people believe that either one could be considered the best. These documentaries also showcase where they began and what drove them to become successful and what was required, both documentaries also has former drivers talking about each driver respectively which provides you with opinion from those who witnessed these two greats at the peak of their powers. Both are great watches which can be emotional at times.

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