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Spring Cup Week 2 Match Reports - 20/02/21

By Lauryn Fuller

The IHC Bees travelled to the Swindon Wildcats, for their very first game in this Spring cup. The Wildcats come into this game after two straight defeats to the Sheffield Steeldogs in the opening weekend of the competition.

Jack Goodchild opened the scoring for the Wildcats, with the only goal that came in the first period. This lead was lost quickly in the second, with the Bee’s Josh Waller getting the equaliser.

Swindon took no time in capturing the lead again, this time a goal from Tom Rutkis, who gets his second goal of the series.


Reed Sayers quickly extended Swindon lead to 3-1 in the second, pushing the Bee’s a little bit further away from taking a hold of the game.

A powerplay goal saw the cats extended their lead further. Josh Batch with maybe a deciding goal late on in the second, saw the Cats lead to 4-1.

With the third period underway, Rutkis took no time in adding to his tally and further adding to the Wildcats lead.

With the Bee’s on a powerplay, it was their opportunity to try and get once back and stop the Wildcats from skating away with the game.

Unfortunately, the Wildcats were the ones to benefit from this powerplay. Matthew Myers got a short-handed goal to put the Cats 6-1 up in the third.

With minutes passing by, the Bee’s needed a miracle to claw this one back. They managed to get their second goal of the game late on in the third period. Josh Kelly with a late play lights the lamp for the Bee’s.

Making up for the defeats they took last weekend, the Swindon Wildcats take their first win of the series. The bee’s, in only their first game, managed two great goals in the game, but couldn’t keep up with the Wildcats attacks.

Tomorrow reveres fixture gives the Bee’s a perfect opportunity to try again against the Wildcats.

Goal Scorers -

Swindon -
Jack Goodchild
Tom Rutkis x2
Reed Sayers
Josh Batch
Matthew Myers

Bee’s -
Josh Waller
Josh Kelly

Cheltenham Image 1.jpg

Sat Feb-20 Telford v Raiders

Saturday’s second fixture saw two teams play their first fixture in the Spring Cup. The Telford Tigers and the Raiders IHC finally got a run out on the ice for the first time in 11 months. .

Cole Sudra opened the scoring in the first period, to put the Wildcats in the lead. A third powerplay for the Tigers finally saw them capitalise and get on the board.

The first period saw a lot of action and missed chances for both sides and only one goal.

With the second period underway, the Tigers took no time in getting a second goal. David Clements shot from the blue line and the puck miraculously found its way straight through to the net.

Harry Gulliver was able to get the Raiders onto the board. However, the Tigers were quick to respond and once again extended their lead to two goals. This time Kieran Brown was the one to plight the lamp.

The third period saw a lot of end-to-end hockey, as the Raiders were only to goals behind the tigers.

The Raiders were the ones to close in on the tigers. Glenn Billing manged to find a goal late on for the visitors, giving them a little bit of hope in tying the game and taking it into overtime.

An extra attacker was added when the raiders pulled their goaltender, however, some solid defending from the Tigers saw them hold out until the final whistle and take their first win.

The Raiders gave the Tigers a good fight and came close to capitalising from some Tigers penalties and the subsequent powerplays.

Tomorrow, both teams get to prove themselves once again. This time the Raiders will host the Tigers. Will they be able to get their first win in the Series, or will the Tigers go for the double?

Goal scorers -

Tigers -
Cole Sudra
David Clements
Kieran Brown

Raiders -
Harry Gulliver
Glenn Billing

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