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Tottenham Finally Get Conte At White Hart Lane

By Megan Bush

With the very fast but unsurprising turn around of Nuno Espirito Santo out and the arrival of Antonio Conte the football industry are sceptical to see if this will make a change for Tottenham Hotspur but are excited to see him back in the Premier League. Nuno’s depature was after consistent defeats and poor performances, he only lasted 17 games for Tottenham. Spurs fans were thrilled that their chairman Daniel Levy had finally made the deal with Conte, after it almost happened in the summer but all come crashing down which left the fans disheartened towards the club. Reactions from fans on social media have been very positive following the appointment, as they believe he will be the manager to drive them to success.


"Clamoroso ! Due esclusioni a sorpresa nei 23 scelti da Antonio Conte" by NazionaleCalcio is licensed with CC BY 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

Antonio is two games in with his new role at N17, with a 3-2 win at home against Vitesse in the Conference League and a goalless away draw against Everton in the Premier League. Some fans may see this as an average start, but the last three managers Spurs have had have effectively started to loose the dressing room so it is going to take more than a few games to salvage this Spurs squad to a winning side. A big problem Conte is going to have to face is Tottenham ‘Star boy’ Harry Kane and how he feels about his future at the club. Kane made it publicly very clear in the summer that he wanted to leave Tottenham, and would have if an offer Levy was happy to accept came in for him but it never did. Spurs fans rightly feel as though he just settled because he has no other choice and since this all happened he has not been playing well and it is very obvious that his heart is not in it at the moment. A big question is, will Conte change Kane’s mind?

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"Harry Kane" by five til noon is licensed with CC BY 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

A few days ago, it was announced that Antonio Conte has promised Dele Alli the chance to become a starting 11 player, as he believes he has great potential so he is giving him the chance to prove himself. Spurs fans didn’t take this well, as they believe he has been given chances time and time again and he does not bring anything to the team. It could be a case that he works really well under Conte and could get back to being prime Dele Alli.

After the international break Spurs face Leeds United at home, and everyone will be expecting a win from Antonio Conte and his team. The pressure is on as Tottenham are slipping down the table at 9th position in the league and rivals Arsenal are 4 points above them and Chelsea 10 points above the lily whites which fans will not be happy with at all. Spurs are usually a top five side so this form is poor from them, however there is still enough time for them to bring it back and potentially get back into the Champions League next season with their new boss.

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