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Does ‘YouTube boxing’ provide a real danger for the sport or does it represent the start of a new era?

By Louie Russo Brownlie

Influencer or ‘YouTube’ boxing has seen a remarkable and rapid rise over the last 5 years. Promoter Eddie Hearn claims that the bout between YouTuber superstars Logan Paul and KSI in 2019 sold a staggering two million pay per views.

While it is clearly apparent the demand for these fights are huge there are some within boxing claim that hosting these events undermines boxing core values. The view is that allowing these celebrities, with little to no experience, to fight as the main event in front of sold-out stadiums disrespects those who have fought their whole life to become a boxer in hope of getting that opportunity.


"youtube" by FindYourSearch is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Its not just those within the boxing world who do not receive this influence fights to positively with formed East Ender’s star Jake Wood recently stating on twitter that he has had enough of this form of boxing, stating:

“Just cancelled my DAZN Boxing Subscription. Not paying to watch YouTubers chase each other around a ring.”

This damming statement was followed by a public spat between YouTube boxing KSI and wood.

Soap opera stars opinions aside for many the question still remains is this new form of boxing a positive or negative addition for the sport?

Ultimately boxing will never die; it has too many hardcore fans around the world. YouTube boxing will also never be for everyone. They are not as talented as professional boxers, and most do not have the same work ethic.

This form of boxing offers something different though, the entertainment value is unmatched. This entertainment alone has inspired almost a whole generation alone to take up boxing and the magnitude of that should not be misunderstood.

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