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Early Candidates for NBA’s MVP

By Jakub Wojtasik

As we fly past the halfway mark of the National Basketball Association (NBA) season, I have a look at who has impressed the most and potential challengers for the prestigious MVP award.


Nikola Jokic:

The Serbian centre has been one of the biggest stars in the Western Conference as he continues to put in consistent performances for the Denver Nuggets. The big man averages 27.1 points per game (ppg), 11.0 rebounds per game (rpg), 8.6 assists per game (apg) and 1.6 steals per game (spg) commanding the Nuggets to a likely playoff appearance. Jokic has recently ranked up his 10th triple-double of the season and has clocked 36 double-doubles in 40 contests, the league’s highest.

Damian Lillard:

“Dame time” has come in full effect of recent as the Portland Trail Blazer’s point guard dropped a season high 50 points out an only 20 shots against the Pelicans. The American has averaged 30.6 ppg, 4.5 rpg and 7.8 apg helping his team stay competitive in a play-off position. He sits second in the league for scoring, but his MVP shout could be hindered on how high the Blazers end up finishing in the regular season.

Lebron James:

Last week the four-time champion became the oldest players to log consecutive triple-double plays as the Los Angeles Lakers look to cruise for another playoff spot and defend the championship. The three-time MVP averages 25.5 ppg, 8.1 rpg, 8.0 apg and 1.1 spg this year proving to be a real asset offensively and defensively, once again showing why he’s the league’s best. However, after having suffered an ankle injury, it’s unknown how long LBJ will be out for and how well the Lakers do without their two stars.

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