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FA ready to take a stand against online abuse

By Louis Ellis

In 2021 it’s absolutely disgusting that we are still struggling with online abuse. Unfortunately it is now a common occurrence to see online abuse surface online after a game, with Chelsea manger Thomas Tuchel saying social media has opened the door for online abuse. Heung-Min Sin was the latest player to receive abusive messages online, following Spurs 3-1 Lose to United on Sunday. The rise in online abuse recently has seen Swansea, Rangers and Birmingham all take a week long break from social media with more clubs urged to follow.

The Football Association has come out and said they would 100% support any clubs or players that choose to take a stand against online abuse, and have started discussions over whether or not a collective boycott would be the best course of action. High profile names such as Thierry Henry have deleted all there social media accounts in a bid to tackle online abuse and Jordan Henderson has handed control of his accounts to an anti bullying charity.

With the government proposing the introduction of the online safety bill, an legislation that the government has said will hold social media companies accountable and force them to recognise there duty of care towards there users. The FA has also called for social media sites to introduce verification, something which would enable users to be recognised by police and social media sites and allow for more serious action to be taken. Currently a lot of abuse is coming from accounts that hide behind profile pictures of footballers.

It’s clear however that the social media boycott is just the first step of many needed to be taken by clubs as the long fight against online abuse rages on. With social media sites only now beginning to realise the effects online abuse has on an individual and the government only now beginning to enforce action it’s clear the fights only just beginning.


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