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Forest Green continue to take innovative approaches towards football

By Louis Ellis

Forest Green Rovers are well known amongst the football league for there innovative approach towards running a club. They’re recognised by FIFA as being the greenest club in world football, with there stadium powered by 100% renewable energy, playing on a organic pitch and there players and match day fans both home and away only eating vegan food. There owner Dale Vince has big plans to make them even greener, with there bamboo made kits being replaced by kits made up of left over coffee grounds and recyclable plastics. There’s even been discussion of Forest Green eventually playing in a wooden stadium and there team bus being 100% electrical powered.

In the short term however, Dale Vince is on the lookout for a new manager after dismissing previous manager Mark Cooper. Dale Vince has come and said he’s prepared to “break some new ground” by potentially appointing the football league’s first female manager. This would not be the first time Forest Green have appointed a female in a role previously unoccupied by females in the make game. In 2019 Hannah Dingley was appointed as head of Forest Green’s academy and although she’s yet to apply for the role of Forest Green manager, she will be considered if she chooses to apply.

This news coming out of Forest Green continues to pave the way for woman to enter the males game and show’s the door is always open. With Rebecca Welch recently becoming the first female to officiate a men’s football league fixture and Emma Hayes, the Chelsea Women’s head coach, once linked to the vacant Wimbledon job, it’s not long now until women become part of the men’s game and I believe it’s about time. It should never be about gender, if you’re good enough you should always be given the chance.


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