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Rating the 2021 Formula One Liveries

By Jakub Wojtasik

With the 2021 Formula One season fast approaching, fans across the world get to see their favourite team reveal their new car and its colour. Team and car livery reveal is a signal sent around the world telling fans to get ready for another year of the world’s most elite racing competition. The following piece shares my opinions on every teams’ new car and their new look.


"File:1964 Lotus-Climax 25.jpg" by Pexels is marked with CC0 1.0


Starting from the bottom, I feel like the new Haas livery has slightly been disappointing. It’s unfortunate to say the new design catches the eye for the wrong reasons as the American team chose to display colours which denote the Russian flag, which is banned from F1, as tribute to their new sponsor Urakali. However, putting aside the politics, the choice of colours and the stripes around the car have made it look too simple and lack an aspect of creativity. 3/10

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