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The European Super League, when greed won and football lost

By Joe Malcolmson

Football, once known as the working classes sport. Teams like Manchester United and Liverpool, who were made by working class people, who made many sacrifices to see their club where they are today. The entire history of these clubs, gone.

Why has it gone you may ask? Well, the newly talked about European Super League is set to feature some of the biggest clubs the world has ever seen. Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham, have all come together and signed a deal to participate in this League. This would mean the ‘Big Six’ would have no choice but to leave their respective league.

Participating in this newly found Super League would mean that every club and player who participates in this league would be banned from all UEFA and FIFA competitions, European or International. The Premier League condemned the plans to create a new super league, stating it is a threat to the European football pyramid.

Why would they do this? The obvious and only answer is money. It is very clear that the European Super League is driven by money, when the chairman of the league is Florentino Perez, who owns Real Madrid. It is rumoured that Joel Glazer is a vice-chairman of the Super League, who owns Manchester United. It is also to be believed that the European Super League is to replace the Champions League competition.

If the clubs are to go ahead with this, they would be thrown out of the Premier League. Let’s be honest, the reason the Premier League is the most popular league in the world, is because of the big six. The Premier League would lose a significant amount of revenue, TV rights would not want to broadcast games without the big six being involved.

The question that must be asked is why would these clubs want to leave the best league in the world? To leave a league in which there is a large competition for title challenges, top four finishes, european places and relegation survival, it is mind boggling that these big six, who are clubs that the teams look up to, would want to leave all of this behind for a competition that has no pyramid, no relegation.

As a huge football fan myself, I have not lost the slightest interest in football whatsoever. During the COVID-19 pandemic, football has been something I’ve relied on to keep me entertained and it had done so excellently. It is remarkable that Florentino Perez had the gratitude to come out and say young people are losing interest in football, only for the wealth of their pockets.

We live in hope that the big six step away from the European Super League, and remain within the league that made their history so iconic in the first place.


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