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Trips to Abu Dhabi and going round Mason Mount’s house? The life of a Football Content Creator

By George Nolan

Flying out to Abu Dhabi and Qatar? Working with Steven Gerrard? Going round Mason Mount’s house? These are just some of the perks of working as a content creator in the modern age, and they’re the perks that Konrad Borzy gets to experience.

Konrad Borzy is a freelance football content creator who has amassed a following of 14,000 on Instagram and gets to work with a host of professional footballers and global brands, serving as a new era style of photographer. His role is primarily concerned with working with various footballing orientated companies and clients sharing content ideas to aid their needs, before publishing the content onto various social channels.


Instagram - @konradborzy

But what is a ‘content creator’? Content creators have become inextricably intertwined with digital media in the 21st century. They can be referred to as contributors of information or entertainment through various form of media, often digital media, which is received and consumed by an ‘end user’. The term ‘content’ itself, concerns a variety of mediums and it can be difficult to properly define it. It can be anything from blogging, videography, photography, editing and distributing digital media. It’s incredibly vast. Konrad’s speciality lies in all things concerning football, despite his parents never having interest in any sport.

‘I don’t know what made me love football because my parents don’t care about sports at all! Yet from a very young age, there’s loads of photos of me with a football and I always remember kicking around when I was younger. Football was just a massive part of my life when I was younger and it really influenced me in moving into my field of work’

His love for football and his penchant for capturing aesthetic photos meant that there was a perfect ‘mix and match of interests’, which gave him the skillset and desire to aspire to get a role within the football industry. The dream for Konrad, like many, was to play professionally. He said that ‘the pinnacle of life would still be to play on a pitch full of fans, that’s what I’d love’. However, when that avenue was starting to close, his photography and content production on the side allowed him to build an honest following and produce small scale content for others. His consistent production and quality of work didn’t go unnoticed, and soon enough Adidas were in contact.

‘Yeah I got the chance to shoot Steven Gerrard for Adidas for his film launch of ‘Make Us Dream’ (in 2018). I took the photos on iPhone and they come out sick but I was like I need to start using a camera and getting serious. Soon after I was filming for Adidas again, doing a shoot for Leicester with Harvey Barnes, Hamza Choudhury, Jamie Vardy and Demarai Gray. That was the start of getting me to the stage I’m at now.’

Having the opportunity to meet and mingle with a breadth of famous people for his work is something he describes as ‘undoubtedly the best part of the job, meeting people at the pinnacle of the sport and just realising that they’re normal people when we get to talk and interact, it is very enjoyable.’

Since then, Konrad has captured photos and had the privilege to work with an illustrious list of names, with the likes of Roberto Carlos, Kaka, YouTube juggernauts F2 Freestylers and many more, but out of them all, one man stands out above the rest as the client he most enjoyed dealing with.

‘Mason Mount has been lovely to work with, we got to shoot some stuff for him at his house and help launch his Tiktok. Yeah he treats everyone really well, really kind, smart and intelligent guy.’

His work has even took him places he says he ‘never dreamed of seeing’, recently jetting off to Abu Dhabi and Qatar in what he dubbed his ‘favourite experience’ since entering the content creation business. Such experiences make Konrad realise just ‘how far you’ve come but also how much more you can do.’

His fervent passion for his work always has him aspiring to achieve greater things, and to be remain in his field for many years to come.

‘I want to be working with the best clients in the world, at the best level, but only because it’s God’s plan and because I enjoy what I do and I think I provide a lot of quality, being able to offer that quality and service to people who are the most talented and to help elevate their brand and work. If you can elevate that and add value, it’s a great feeling’.

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